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How Weatherpictures started....

I have always been interested in the weather and all things photographically related and it was in late 1999 during early morning and late evening walks with my faithful  Welsh Collie ' Meg' I decided to set up a website to show the beautiful scenes in photographs captured in the higher climbs or rural radnorshire in mid wales. Meg became a regular feature of the site and was getting more Email than me at one stage !!
Sadly Meg is no longer with me and so very dearly missed.The website has continued over the years and many of the front pages which were created as an online Diary can be seen on the navigation bar at the top.

Due to commitments of working away for a couple of years the website took a rest  but kicked back into action late 2005. Today the website continues but all the previous pages created from the many early morning and late evening walks over the Llanbedr Hills in Powys are still available for perusal . In addition the search bar on the top right can be used for specific topics. Weatherpictures takes in the sorrounding counties of Herefordshire and Powys. As 2010 draws to an end I look forward to the many sunrises and sunsets which happen at more convenient times - and of course look out for them here.......

One thing which became evident over the years was the variety which this type of Photography gave you in some cases just step outside your door and the subject will have changed. It did help living at 1200 ft above sea level - especially for snow lovers.
There were also some unusual conditions with Icing and Glaze which I had never experienced before. Imagine everything suddenly coated in 10 mm of Ice and within an hour melted again . It's seeing all this first hand and then publishing in on the website so maybe encouraging others to experience it for themselves which is I guess what Weatherpictures is about.
In 2005 after working away I returned and moved to Pixley, near the town of Ledbury Herefordshire. Many regular visits are still made to the old locations in and around Painscastle in Powys and my family home near Llandrindod Wells in Powys. Many of the early photographs were taken using the sturdy Nikon 990 then a Coolpix 5000 and onto a D700 ,D200 & D300.. The Nikon D800 is my trusty photographic workhorse today .


Images for the website have almost always been taken in digital format converted to a compressed format for web presentation. With the coming of time and high speed Broadband technologies size and download times have been less of a problem for those viewing therefore on revamp of the website the quality of the images has been improved with less jpeg artifacts present at the cost of a larger files.
Prints are available in various sizes up to 329 x 483 mm ( A3 + ) printed of professional quality 255 gm paper with longlife inks. I can also provide Images on professional quality photographic Paper. To purchase prints click on the buy prints and media link or if you prefer to purchase prints directly via the Ebay shop.

(Photograph- water break it's neck in the radnor forest)